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I was brought in as a consultant to fine-tune and finesse Rosewood Hong Kong's social media offering, with a focus on Instagram. I worked closely with the Rosewood team to write impactful and persuasive copy while establishing a firm and consistent tone of voice across its many Instagram pages.

Launching new food-delivery services during Covid 

As the dining industry struggled in the depths of the pandemic, Rosewood Hong Kong launched a home-delivery service for its restaurants.


As an external social media expert brought in to help grow the hotel's social media presence, it was my job to help promote this new service. 

In a city with one of the most prolific dining scenes, competition was fierce and it was essential we communicated clearly and effectively how to place an order and what products are available, while maintaining the luxurious tone of voice Rosewood is known for.

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Building a timely and reactive 
content calendar 

Throughout the year, Rosewood launches a number of offers and products based on holidays and calendar events.

It was hugely important to include all events in the marketing plan and prepare as far in advance as possible so that we could organise the production of relevant material (photography, videography etc...) and have plenty of time to perfect the content. Content was often written and ready for publishing up to two months in advance. 


At the same time, it was important to remain responsive and flexible to create a content calendar that left room for unforeseen circumstances, such as the pandemic or sudden restaurant closures.

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