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HiveMind Network

Aug 2022 - Present

HiveMind Network, one of the UK's leading digital consulting networks, needed a digital marketing and content manager to develop its social media channels and marketing content, establish a consistent tone of voice across its online channels, and lead a major website redesign project.

  • LinkedIn
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Using social media to drive lead generation and build brand awareness

During my time at HiveMind, I successfully developed and executed integrated marketing strategies that fostered engagement, increased brand awareness, and drove lead generation across multiple LinkedIn pages. Campaigns included product-specific promotion and broader member acquisition. content  Our social following grew more than 100% and average engagement rose 170%., while the number of membership applications through social media grew significantly.

While our target audience was c-suite executives in enterprise-level businesses, we always remained open to experimentation and were willing to push the brand guidelines with topical memes and cheekier content.

Establishing a tone of voice and powerful messaging through copywriting

Establishing a tone of voice was critical to the success of our LinkedIn channel and monthly newsletter. The tone of voice needed to be professional and authoritative, but also friendly and approachable, conveying the consultancy network's expertise while still differentiating us from 'The Big Four', where corporate speak is commonplace.


To achieve this, I spent time familiarising myself with the network's brand and its values, as well as a/b testing subject lines and CTAs through split segments to tailor copy to the audience's interests.


By creating a tone of voice that resonated with the audience, the newsletters became a valuable resource that members looked forward to receiving, fostering a sense of community within the consultancy network.

Breathing new life into a dated website

While at HiveMind, I had the opportunity to develop and hone my design skills, using Figma, Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator to create social media templates, beautify presentation decks, and develop the organisation's new website.

When I arrived at HiveMind, brand guidelines were in place but they were somewhat dated. Working alongside my design mentor, I updated the organisation's visual identity, taking into account colour theory, design trends, and the company's value and mission.


We worked with a freelance developer to translate my Figma designs into an interactive, dynamic website. 

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