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Jul 2021 - Jun 2022

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As the social media editor for one of Asia's leading luxury lifestyle publications, I developed the social media strategy and headed the creation of content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. My team worked collaboratively across editorial and commercial to provide on-the-ground coverage of events, tailor content for all channels, and execute paid campaigns.

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Working collaboratively to cover key events on social media

Collaboration was essential in delivering comprehensive coverage of major events such as fashion weeks and awards ceremonies around the world.


To achieve this, my team worked closely with reporters and influencers based overseas and established content-sharing channels. This allowed us to ensure a seamless flow of footage and photography, which we promptly transformed into engaging social media content using tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Premier, and Canva.


The resulting short-form, vertical videos frequently garnered the highest levels of engagement from our audience, highlighting the success of our collaborative approach.

Paid partnerships and commercial social campaigns

The editorial team collaborated closely with commercial and sales departments to implement successful paid social media campaigns for top-tier clients such as Rolex, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.


As part of this effort, our team was responsible for crafting compelling copy, establishing audience targeting and budgetary parameters, and scheduling posts for publication.


To assess campaign performance, we utilised Facebook's Business Manager tools to extract relevant data and deliver comprehensive results to the appropriate stakeholders. 

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Using data to direct our content and SEO strategy

Using tools such as Google Trends and Crowdtangle to inform publishing decisions, I was able to capitalise on growing social traction and increasing search interest while effectively tailoring articles for SEO.


Below, you can see I wrote a guide to travelling to Thailand at a time when pandemic-related restrictions were still in place. Data showed a huge, overnight increase in the number of people looking to understand the restrictions, and writing our guide on Thailand's first day after reopening meant we were able to catch a huge amount of search traffic.

The second example was a response to huge social interest in a local story. Crowdtangle alerted the team to a viral post from a competitor and I was able to quickly rewrite the story and publish it on Tatler. Our version outperformed the original. You can click on either image to read the full article.

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Repackaging long-form journalism for social media

As the social media editor, one of my many daily tasks was to turn lengthy features into engaging and easily digestible Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts.


To achieve this, I employed several strategies. For instance, I would extract the most essential elements from the article and present them in a swipeable carousel, as shown in the examples below.


Additionally, I curated Instagram fashion week trend roundups and provided our followers with exclusive behind-the-scenes access to monthly cover shoots. These are just some of the many creative solutions we implemented to make our Instagram offering more dynamic.

Tools and software used in this role

  • Buffer

  • Later

  • Canva

  • Photoshop

  • Adobe Premier

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Trends

  • Crowdtangle

  • Facebook Business Manager

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